Ways to Drink me

Oh yes - GMIX is Versatile


Feeling Cold as Ice?

1. Pour your delicious GMIX juice into your magnificent mug

2. Pop into the microwave (800w) for 1 minute and 30 seconds

3. Voila! Sip and enjoy the smooth taste of GMIX as it keeps you warm on the inside

Feeling Hot Hot Hot?

1. Fill half a glass with crushed or whole ice
(The slushier the better!)

2. Pour your GMIX over your ice and let the refreshing begin

3. Sip, slurp, gulp and obviously, repeat.



Just as I Am

1. Use your incredible strength to turn the cap and remove the lid

2. With poise, strategically hold the bottle in 1 hand and bring close to your pouting lips

3. Allow the fruity, fresh GMIX to flow out of the bottle and onto your tastebuds. Enjoy the refreshing, savour the humming of the ginger as it glides down your throat. Mmmmmmh