Who We Are

The Drink

Remember Aunty G's magical 'mix up' drink that she swore would keep sickness at bay? The one you always had to drink before bed: a truck load of lemon, ginger, honey, and crushed garlic for good measure. The one you gulped down as fast as you could.

Aunty G promised you'd feel as right as rain in the morning. Miraculously, she was spot on. Cold? What cold? Gone. Immune system properly boosted.

Well - in these times, we all need a boost. So the full Aunty G experience is back - but better. All refined but with a twist - the lime-zesting, ginger-popping, honey-soothing magic in a bottle.

It's Aunty G's mix, brilliantly bottled up. Call it - GMIX! See what we did there? You're so welcome.

The History

Before Olrick and Siobhan married in 2010, the couple had already been making their own special remedies in their parents homes, whenever they felt a little under the weather. Although at that point it had never even entered their minds that they could ever refine the recipe to be the delicious juice drink that it is today.

Following many years as professional singers, the demand to have pristine vocals became imperative as bookings would come in at the drop of a hat, and the couple would have to deliver in excellence. So the juice became the go to necessity for maintaining good vocal health. What's more, word had gotten out that their special mix really did the trick and family and friends began putting in orders. Before they knew it, Olrick and Siobhan perfected their recipe and had the mix down to a T, or maybe, down to a G!

The People

Husband and Wife Olrick and Siobhan Coker, known as The Cokers, founded the GMIX Company in 2010. Following many years as professional singers, the couple were eagerly inspired to take their singing journey to a new level, by developing a drink that helps preserve their voices whilst being used on a regular basis.

The couple have been using GMIX for over 7+ years and have proven it to be an effective solution, for a healthier juice drink option which boosts the immune system, provides a natural source of energy and helps to preserves the voice and maintain healthy vocal cords to name a few. The recipe has been past down from both of the couples families, who have used elements of the recipe to fight against the common cold and sore throats for example.

GMIX Juice is not classified as a medicinal product, however it does hold many medicinal properties that are good for fighting against the common cold, sore throats and even cancer.



"To use GMIX to promote the health, wholeness
and well being of all our customers."

"Taking the hard work out of being healthy by providing products that improve the wellness of the body."

Our Core Values



Using fresh ingredients, that are never from concentrate



Ensuring all our products taste great whilst remaining refreshingly good



Promoting a wholistic healthier lifestyle for the wellness of all our customers



Committing to a promise, to never use preservatives or additives