GMIX is an all-natural juice drink, made with fresh ingredients, has no added sugars, additives or preservatives and tastes great.
Outside of its immediate purposes, GMIX Juice is a fresh, tropical drink for all to enjoy.

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We always use fresh ingredients
and our drinks are NEVER FROM CONCENTRATE


reduces inflammation and destroys bacteria, two needed healing agents for the body



is rich in powerful antioxidants like vitamin C, citric acid and flavonoids



has antibacterial properties, which helps reduce bacterial infection in the body



helps relieve headaches, which commonly caused by dehydration

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"Wasn't really a fan of ginger, but I absolutely love this drink"

  • Kheyla
    I had the pleasure of meeting the founders behind this wonderful brand at the speciality fair earlier this week. There were a lot of people outside of their booth and I just had to see what they were presenting. I got to taste the juice cold and it was so delightfully refreshing and what I love is that it consists of such simple wholesome ingredients and it tastes so good! I can’t wait to purchase some more for the family to try!
  • Emily
    Tastes amazing chilled and heated! A perfect balance of flavours and sweetness, it isn't overly sweet nor bitter.
  • Seun O
    Great Product - I’ve had a free sample twice and signed up to monthly subscription as soon as I knew it was a thing! Not only is it delicious but as a BV for a choir I’ve decided to take my instrument a bit more seriously and hearing the founder’s sing - you’ll understand why I had to get me a bit of their GMIX. Thanks guys
    Seun O
  • Lisa

    Very nice - This drink is lovely...never heated it just drank it out of the bottle..very palatable & drinkable ... perfect amount of ginger for me.

  • Sarah G
    Give it a go, Great drink - Ordered a sample of their Ginger root drink. Lots of good communication from them whilst the order was being prepared. It did take weeks for it to arrive once it was posted; not Gmix Juice's fault; I have no idea what Royal Mail had done with it for all that time. Happy to get a chance to try it. Tasted really good. Nice kick of ginger. Tasty and healthy.
    Sarah G
  • Bekah D
    Received a lovely sample bottle, the packaging was very appealing and eye catching. I love ginger but find shop bought ginger shots to be overpowered by the added spice and sweetener. Gmix ginger drink, however, was very ginger forward, which I loved. It had a great kick if spice to it whilst still having that lovely ginger taste. I can imagine using half a bottle of it in a hot lemon water tea being very warming and delicious. The ginger drink didn't leave any unpleasant taste in my mouth, it holds up to it's advertising. Definitely recommend!
    Bekah D
  • Jodie R
    Amazing product - I was a bit sceptical about this wasn't sure I'd like it I'd been feeling a bit fatigue tired and drained I decided to try it amazing result I felt much better no fatigue I read up on the results of drinking ginger and I'm so happy I gave it ago I recommend highly
    Jodie R
  • Veronika S
    This product I got it for free and I really loved it when I tried it, it's very nice taste and also refreshing
    Veronika S
  • Ruby M
    Really lovely refreshing juice, they are a friendly business too. Definitely recommend.
    Ruby M
  • Sarah
    This drink is just great hot, cold or used as a mixer for a well earned drink at the end of the week.
  • Natalie H
    Amazing product :) would recommend!!
    Natalie H
  • Eve
    Excellent product would recommend
  • Cemaliye M
    Very good 😌 totally recommend
    Cemaliye M
  • Regina D
    Very good product would recommend it
    Regina D
  • Andreea N
    Excellent product
    Andreea N
  • Catherine L
    Love the drink! Great service, great product - GMIX is a staple part of our healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend.
    Catherine L
  • Suz
    Always excited to get my GMIX hence having a subscription. I wish there was a box of 31 then would be able to have one daily. Maybe consider this for the further. I would defo pay for it. If you haven’t checked it out yet please go get your GMIX. I kick my day off with it and I feel great!!!
  • Rachel
    GMIX juice is amazing for my voice! I usually struggle to speak in the mornings but this drink has helped so much. It has helped me a lot before filming and singing sessions too. I would highly recommend.
  • Daryl W
    Excellent service, excellent product!
    Daryl W
  • Kemi B
    Fantastic presentation, fantastic packaging and awesome drink. So professional. Loved it!
    Kemi B
  • Ann C
    Ordered from the U.S. and almost to the mark, my order was delivered by DHL in 2 days. Got the shipping confirmation at noon on Tuesday and items were delivered at 12:15 pm on Thursday. The packaging was on point, love eco-friendly boxes, which my children immediately repurposed for their creative musical instrument project. The drinks were refreshing, my kids loved them and got through them at record speed, so now I know to hide my next order from them. Great job! I would highly recommend it.
    Ann C
  • Astrid K
    Puts a zing into your day - Loved it tastes brilliant, puts a real zing into your day ..
    Astrid K
  • MaQeda
    This drink is absolutely wonderful! It really packs a punch, I love that it’s mixed with lime and not lemon. It’s very sweet and refreshing with a delightful zing from the ginger. I bought 2 weeks worth, drank them daily and noticed a huge reduction in my pelvis pain!
  • Mr Smith
    Love the packaging of my subscription box and quality bottling of the drinks package. The taste is exceptional.
    Mr Smith
  • Kayon B
    Fast delivery and delicious drinks - my orders came in lovely recyclable packaging! The drinks taste so good and definitely gives me an energy boost while at work! Customer service has been great I can’t wait to order again! Thank you GMIX.
    Kayon B
  • Makeda
    GMIX! WOW!! An amazing, refreshing and thirst quenching drink which leaves you wanting more... Soo good for the mind, body and soul. Love it🤩
  • Nye M
    I absolutely love this drink - amazing taste and looks great
    Nye M


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