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Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you deliver internationally?
Yes we do! We can deliver to any place in the world. Feel free to select your country from the delivery options on the shop page and leave the rest to us!
2Are your drinks natural?
100%! We pride ourselves on the fact that we use no preservatives, artificial colours or additives. We believe everyone has the right to drink a juice that supports the wellness of the body holistically.
3Do I have to drink it if I’m sick?
No not at all. Individually, all the ingredients of GMIX have medicinal properties and combined, they are incredibly beneficial to the body for a number of reasons. However, these benefits are a bonus to the fact that this refreshing juice drink tastes great. So go on, grab a bottle, it's good for you :)
4Is this drink only for singers?
GMIX is for everyone to enjoy (except babies under 1 years old, due honey being one of our ingredients.)
5Can I get your drink at any supermarkets?
At the moment, GMIX can only be purchased online via our website and from Amazon. However, we are working towards being in local supermarkets in the near future. We will keep you posted about when it will be available elsewhere.
6Can I drink GMIX hot?
Please do! A hot cup of GMIX does wonders in the morning, just before bed or even mid afternoon when you fancy something to warm you up on the inside. For more information head over to the ‘ways to drink me’ page.
7Can anyone drink GMIX?
As long as they are over the age of 1 years old, GMIX can be enjoyed by all. So share it with your family and friends and let them enjoy the refreshing taste of GMIX.
8What are the ingredients?
GMIX is simply Ginger, Lime, Honey & Water with some mixed spices.
9Do I need to refrigerate it?
We would certainly recommend that GMIX is kept refrigerated in order to experience its best taste, however as an ambient product it can be stored outside of the fridge, but must be kept in a cool and dry place. Please be sure to keep an eye on the Best Before date on the cap. Refrigerated = Shelf Life of 6 -7 weeks Ambient = Shelf Life of 3-4 weeks
10Does your drink have preservatives in it?
Ginger and Lime are natural preservatives which means that these two ingredients blend together to help the juice remain fresher for longer. It also means that no artificial ingredients, chemicals or preservatives need to be added to our juice. It’s 100% Natural!
11What does the G in GMIX mean?
Great, good, gingerly, genuine, gut-pleasing, gorgeous, golden, gentle, graceful, glorious, glowing, gritty, goal breaking, God, gracious, gleaming, glamorous and gifted… if its a G-Word and it works and its positive, then that’s what it stands for - I’m sure you get where we’re going with this
12Can I use GMIX as a chaser?
Well, there have been suggestions of this, and we can neither confirm nor deny that it mixes tremendously well with alcohol, particularly Rum or Gin as a chaser. However, many are welcome to do with their GMIX as they please.
13What should I do with my empty bottle?
One thing that we desire to see is tomorrow, with that in mind, let's look after the environment and the world around us by recycling wherever possible.